Seminary Archive 1596-1947

  • approximately 120 envelopes; 95 registers
  • parchments (verification in progress)
  • inventories
    State of the Archive. Records - papers, by Carlo Artusi (1920).
The historic Archive of the Seminary primarily preserves property deeds, legislative provisions on ecclesiastical subjects, various types of administrative correspondence, and documentation regarding the personal situation of the seminarians, which over the centuries were opened in the city: the Benzi seminary (1646), the seminary of Santa Caterina (1740), the theological seminary (1812), the gymnasium-liceo seminary of San Abbondio (1836), the minor seminary of Muggiò (1964).
The entire collection of documents that can be consulted is comprised of registers (95) and loose documentation, arranged in envelopes (approximately 120), a part of which (65) were set up following the reorganization of 1920. The only inventories available at the moment – an analytical inventory of the document units, dates back to this intervention. The documentation, which is chronologically between the 16th and the second decade of the 20th century is filed according to the system set up in 1920, while the papers subsequent to the reorganization were unmethodically placed in folders.