The Centre, managed by the non-profit Fondazione - Centro Studi "Nicolò Rusca",

  • handles the preservation and utilization of the document and book assets of the 'Archivio storico della diocesi di Como' (Historic Archive of the Diocese of Como) and the 'Biblioteca del seminario vescovile' (Diocesan Seminary Library) as well as the cataloguing of the artistic assets preserved in the diocesan parishes through the 'Ufficio Inventariazione Beni Culturali Ecclesiastici' (Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage Inventory Office);
  • reorganizes, takes inventory and catalogues of the historic archival and book assets of the parishes or other ecclesiastical bodies within the diocesan territory working in collaboration with public bodies and local administrations;
  • publishes the periodical «Archivio Storico della Diocesi di Como» (Historic Archive of the Diocese of Como);
  • promotes historic research through conventions and seminars.