Library Assets

Manuscript codexes (12th-14th centuries): 18

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Manuscripts bibliography

Incunabulums: 26

Incunabula index

16th century works: 900 approx.

17th century works: 900 approx.

18th century works: 4500 approx.


Recent works: 30,000 approx.

Periodicals: 358, of which 138 current ones

Deposited funds:

Parish of Fino Mornasco (agreement 15 June 1995)

Donated funds:

Francesco Casnati Fund , Virgilio Bianchi Fund, Claudio Sorgi Fund

Diocesan Seminary Library – Consultation and loans

The Seminary Library allows patrons to consult the works in situ or to take them out on loan, according to the rules established in the regulations and during the scheduled hours of the Centro Studi "Nicolò Rusca".

The catalogue of the Centro Studi can be consulted online:

- printed books

- periodicals